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Henna Mehndi

Henna for the last 22+ years at Gypsy Moon.

HENNA / MEHNDI is a sacred art in some parts of the globe including, but not limited to, India and Morocco. An all-natural Henna paste is painted on the skin to create a temporary stain (temporary tattoo), lasting from approximately 5 days to up to 2 or 3 weeks, in some cases

APPOINTMENTS AT OUR SHOP: Call ahead to book an appointment for a session with one of our talented free-hand artists. An extensive design portfolio will accompany them to the appointment, or you may bring a picture of your own design, if you wish. As each is a Celtic lass, their portfolios are filled with knotwork and spirals, as well as Middle Eastern, Asian, Tribal, Fantasy and every other style imaginable

COST: Designs in a wide price-range are available

SPECIAL OCCASIONS: Our artists are often available to travel to parties and celebrations. Early notice is recommended for special occasions

WEDDING HENNA: Traditional bridal henna is one of our specialties. Countless versions of hand and/or feet designs are available, including the most intricate patterns. Any design, traditional or non-traditional, is possible

HENNA SUPPLIES: Gypsy Moon also carries do-it-yourself henna kits and jagua.

Henna artists, mehndi body art, henna tattoos, temporary tattoos in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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