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Used Books

The selection of used books in our shop has increased since Summer 1997.

Used Fiction: (Our largest category) Gypsy Moon favorite authors Charles DeLint, Morgan Llywelyn, Marion Zimmer-Bradley, Susan Wittig Albert, Judith Merkle Riley usually in stock

Historical • Celtic • Fantasy
Archaeological & Herbal Mysteries
Arthurian Legends

We currently have a smaller selection of used titles in our regular categories.

Mythology / Fairy Tales: Celtic, Classical, Arthurian & Grail Legends

Ancient Civilizations: Celtic, Goddess, Egyptian

Folklore: Seasonal/Holiday Folklore, Animal Lore, Gypsy Tales, Lunar Lore, Miscellaneous

Forgotten Arts: Herbalism, Olde Alphabets

If you have used books you would like to sell or trade, please phone or e-mail us first. We do not generally purchase books every week. However, there are some titles and categories we need more than others.